Download the Agenda

Download the Agenda

Attend CEM in Telecoms North America to: 

  • Join the best and brightest operators from across North, Central and South America including the Caribbean
  • Get to grips with existing and emerging technology at our Pre- Conference Focus Day: Understand how the likes of Verizon, Rogers and Charter Communications are delivering a personalized experience through AI, predictive models and machine learning
  • Adapt to digital disruption and business transformation: Hear how organizations such as T-Mobile, Sprint and Frontier have revolutionized the way we think about a digital customer experience
  • Dive further into customer centricity and customer behaviors: Join the likes of Orange and GTT to better understand customer behavior and how to deliver a truly customer centric model throughout your organization
  • Tackle the ongoing issues of change management: Learn from TSTT and Cricket Wireless as they share their successes and mistakes made along their journey to become more customer centric

Infographic: What are North American Carriers looking to Invest in?

An exclusive infographic that takes a closer look at what American carriers are looking to investing in. You might find this industry insight handy to understand your clients' current market challenges in order to help them with their customer experience management solution issues.